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Dinner Fleetwood Japanese Lunch Restaurant Reviews

Maruhachi Ramen: Surrey’s Premier Noodle Haven in Fleetwood, BC

April 5, 2024

In the heart of Surrey’s Fleetwood area lies Maruhachi Ramen, a beacon for noodle enthusiasts seeking a memorable dining experience. As I stepped through the doors of Maruhachi Ramen,…

American Barbecue Food Truck Reviews Lunch Whalley

Phoenix Flame BBQ – Feeding the Need

June 25, 2022

While checking out Surrey Fest 2022 for our brand-spanking-new news and events site Surrey Insider I was especially stoked to see Phoenix Flame BBQ on the grounds at Holland…

American Barbecue Delta Dinner Food Truck Reviews

Pork Mafia – Food Truck Farm Adventure!

November 27, 2021

Pork Mafia just took home the Gold in the 2021 Reader’s Choice Award for best take-out in North Delta, so Craig and crew were on the case to see…

Filipino Lunch Restaurant Reviews Whalley

Bacayon’s Chibugan

March 22, 2021

While browsing through Door Dash, Craig and I came upon a Filipino restaurant called Bacayon’s Chibugan claiming to offer some more exotic dishes compared to your average Surrey caranderia….

Japanese Restaurant Reviews South Surrey

Menzou Ramen & Bubble Tea Bar – South Surrey

November 16, 2019

Menzou is a small Ramen & Bubble tea place located in heart of South Surrey. I happened to be out that way with a friend when we couldn’t decide…