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Afghani Dinner Restaurant Reviews South Surrey

Afghan Kabob Restaurant Review in Surrey

April 26, 2021

Recently, when asked to come eat Afghan food I admit to being somewhat curious. I hadn’t tried Afghan food before and to be honest wasn’t even sure what it…

Lebanese Restaurant Reviews South Surrey

Kababji Grill Lebanese Cuisine Restaurant

February 8, 2020

Nestled in the cozy South Surrey confines of Morgan Crossing, Kababji Grill serves up donairs, kebabs and shawarma platters Lebanese style. The best kebab I’ve had by a longshot…

Dinner Events Newton Restaurant Reviews Turkish

Adana Grill Tasting Event In Surrey BC

June 15, 2019

Adana Grill are the new Turks on the block, having opened up shop a scant few months ago a block away from lovely Newton Exchange. Craig was blown away…