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Bridgeview Dinner Italian Lunch Restaurant Reviews Whalley

Philosophy Pizza House: Neapolitan Delights in Surrey’s Industrial Zone

April 12, 2024

Hidden within the unassuming industrial landscape of Surrey, British Columbia, is a culinary treasure waiting to be discovered – Philosophy Pizza House. While the notion of seeking out gourmet…

Dinner Italian Lunch Restaurant Reviews South Surrey

Natalino’s Pizza South Surrey – Roman-Style Pizza Delight!

February 22, 2024

Welcome to Natalino’s Pizza, the latest hotspot in South Surrey where modern minimalism meets the savory allure of Roman-style pizza. Nestled within a sleek and streamlined space focused on…

Crescent Beach Italian Lunch Restaurant Reviews South Surrey

Natalino’s Pizza – Best Roman Style Pizza in Surrey

May 20, 2021

For our first meal out in (relative) safety since getting our initial covid jabs a few weeks ago, Craig and I ventured out for a long overdue appointment with…