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Guacamole Mexican Grill – Birria Soup for the Soul

February 15, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day to our dear readers, we love you all <33 And yes that’s a double-scoop ice cream cone to emphasize that it’s FREEZING out there! Yet Craig had me brave the frozen wastes of #Snowpocalypse2021 to bring you the cozy comfort food of Guacamole Mexican Grill to warm those wintry cockles. Luckily I remembered how to drive.

Guacamole Grill's bright green storefront
Guacamole Mexican Grill

Tucked in between the pawn shops and empty lots of Whalley proper, Guacamole Grill leaps out like a Mexican jumping bean with a vibrant lime green hue that brings out the barrio vibe and signals that an authentic experience awaits within…

2 glasses of horchata with Mexican and Salvadoran food from Guacamole Grill in the background

Unfortunately I’m a bit of a Strictly Sally when it comes to the ‘Rona so I’m doing take-out only. Surrey Eats has been lucky lately in that our past few restaurant reviews have all included interesting drinks, and Guacamole Mexican Grill continues the trend. Their Horchata ($4.50) is a delectably creamy rice-based concoction richly flavoured with cinnamon and lightly kissed with vanilla sweetness. Highly addictive, I found myself guzzling this a lot faster than expected.

Huevos Rancheros with beans, crema, rice and salad.
Huevos Rancheros

Guacamole Grill opens at 11:30 for brunch so they have a robust desayunos menu. I started my Boy’s Brunch Club adventure with a classic Huevos Rancheros ($12). Easily one of my all-time fave breakfast combos, this winner had two sunny-side up eggs fried to a perfect crisp, while the golden yolks were still runny enough to soak and soften the also-crispy tortillas they rested on.

Brushed with a mild salsa roja and served with broth-simmered rice topped with lettuce and tomato, and a side of soft, runny beans with ribbons of crema. Truly authentic, truly amazing. Look forward to tasting their chorizo on the next round.

six beef tacos with a bowl of birria soup for dipping.
Birria Tacos

Now for some very special tacos…these Birria Tacos (3 for $14, standard tacos are 3 for $10.50) are a new menu addition that Craig told me was a must-try, so try I must! These tacos are filled with slow-cooked beef, finely chopped onions and cilantro and topped with lime. All tacos also come with a tomatillo-based salsa verde that’s heavy on the spice and flavour.

But these particular beef tacos come with a side of Guacamole Mexican Grill’s famous birria broth, a deep, fragrant beef consome that warms the heart and adds a whole new element to the already dribbling-down-your-chin juicy tacos. My first bite I got a nice fatty bit and was immediately struck by comparisons to Vietnamese pho; broth, beef, cilantro, lime…can someone please open a Vietnamese taco truck already?? You’ll also love this if you’re a fan of beef dip sandwiches like I am and protip: the soup is sippable on its own.

Cheese and zucchini pupusas from Guacamole Mexican Grill with salsa roja and pickled cabbage.
Cheese and Zucchini Pupusas

Guacamole Grill also serves Salvadoran food including our beloved Pupusas (3 for $13) in several enticing flavours including this one that’s completely new to me: zucchini and cheese! These corn griddlecakes were totally stuffed with queso fresco and moist zucchini, a real cheese-lovers dream and a totally winning combination. I’ll also be back to try their loroco version after a mildly disappointing attempt at Surrey Fusion Festival.

The salsa was medium-spiced, somewhere between the salsa roja for the huevos and the salsa verde for the tacos, but hot diggity damn the curtido cabbage slaw had me sweating bullets! An authentic som tum Thai would be a good comparison in the kick-you-in-the-palate department. Loved it.

Top-down view of flan cake.

Coming full circle to wrap up with more creamy goodness, Guacamole Grill’s Flan ($6) hit that sweet spot between custard and cheesecake with a texture to die for. Served soaking wet in a luxurious caramelized sugar bath, how can you resist it’s decadent charms?

I personally couldn’t ask for a better way to round off the meal, so a big shout out and a Happy V-Day to the kind family who runs Guacamole Mexican Grill for providing this perfect winter comfort food gratis for review on Surrey Eats. If you enjoyed this article or caught word of them through the Facebook group (WHAT?! You still aren’t a member?? You’re missing all the deals!) be sure to mention who sent you when you stop by to show some love of your own <3.

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