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Rocky Mountain Flatbread Surrey – Soft Opening

July 13, 2019
The exterior of Rocky Mountain Flatbread's Surrey location with James from Surrey Eats waving from the door

I’ve been a big fan of Rocky Mountain Flatbread since back in the Eatnabout days so I was super hyped when Craig told me they were opening a Surrey location, and that Surrey Eats was invited to a sneak preview! James here was obviously also excited to get his mitts on some of their fresh-out-the-oven flatbread-style pizza, in fact this is an outtake from our drunken flatbread frisbee sesh…here ya go James, catch!

A pitcher of Four Winds beer with a Rocky Mountain Flatbread menu propped up behind it
Four Winds beer

Just kidding, while the Four Winds ale on tap was absolutely delish—not to mention it hails from right next door in Delta—we kept things in moderation with just a couple pitchers ($21 each) to wash the pizza down with. If you’re in the mood for a bit of a heavier brew run with the hop-heavy IPA, but if you’re feeling something light and citrus-y, perfect for a summer breeze, try the pilsner.

The interior of Rocky Mountain Flatbread's Surrey location with a shot of the garage-style doors

Speaking of summer breezes, the location wasn’t suitable for a patio but Rocky Mountain Flatbread got inventive and installed garage doors in lieu of. So now you can get your summer vibe right inside the restaurant itself as they plan to roll them up when the weather’s right.

An interior shot of Rocky Mountain Flatbread's Surrey location

The rest of the interior is homey with upscale touches and plenty of green space worked in to the mix. Ample seating, a welcoming bar and an open kitchen round off the well-thought out space.

Dinner from Rocky Mountain Flatbread including two flatbreads and one pasta

We decided to sample one dish each from their standard Flatbread Pizza menu, their slightly fancier Artisanal Pizza menu, and their pasta section.

Fig and Brie Artisan Pizza
Fig & Brie Artisan Pizza

My choice was the Fig and Brie Artisanal Pizza ($18.95)—yes, I’m a Mr. Fancy-pants like that. But boy did I choose wisely! I don’t know about the other two (mostly because I sat this pizza right in front of me and hoarded it like it was Scrooge McDuck’s lucky dime), but I thought this was the best thing since sliced…pizza? Only complaint was there wasn’t much brie. In fact it would be more aptly named if they called it the Prosciutto and Arugula pizza but what the hey, it hit the spot and it hit it good.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread’s crust is indeed flat, thin but still crisp throughout for the most part, more-so than a standard thin-crust pizza. I ordered a side of Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dipping, and I’d recommend doing the same as the ends of crust may be a bit bland on their own.

A half-and-half flatbread pizza with half Pesto Chicken and half Genoa Salami
Large 1/2 and 1/2 Pesto Chicken and Genoa Salami Flatbread Pizza

Now for James’ top picks he wisely divvied them in two by going halfers on a traditional flatbread pizza ($32.95). Only the larges have the half and half option and at eight slices these should feed most hungry couples while avoiding any topping tiffs.

I should mention here that all of Rocky Mountain Flatbread’s pizzas are about as health-conscious as pizza gets, with organic crusts, gluten-free options, organic tomato sauce, and the Pesto Chicken is made with free-range locally sourced meat. Their three-herb pesto was bold and high in the mix, and the chicken was tender and moist. However alongside our other two choices this one wasn’t quite as memorable.

The Genoa Salami was loaded up with meat and cheese, boasting two types of mozzarella, crimini mushrooms, kalamata olives, black pepper chunks, and big hits of fresh basil. The wisely portioned marinated cherry tomatoes were limited to one per slice so as to avoid overwhelming all the other flavours, and when I think back on this pizza I can taste each individual topping clearly. A masterpiece!

Smoked Bacon and Snap Pea rotini
Smoked Bacon and Snap Pea Rotini

The Smoked Bacon and Snap Pea Rotini ($19.95) featured double-smoked bacon, red onions, oyster mushrooms and heirloom tomatoes in a white wine sauce. Once again the tomatoes were portioned sparingly throughout so it gave the other ingredients room to breathe, but when you got one it was a real treat. The peas were crisp and sweet, the bacon smokey and thick, and the parmesan also thickly shaved which I really liked. This was another big hit all around.

Two cups of vanilla ice cream. One is an affogato that has coffee in it.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread usually has house-made ice cream at the ready, but because this was a soft opening the ice cream maker wasn’t there yet. We gave the Affogato ($7.50, on the right) a whirl anyway, so while we can’t comment on the ice cream yet Craig really enjoyed the mix of Callebaut chocolate flakes and double espresso with his.

A man puts a flatbread pizza into Rocky Mountain Flatbread Surrey location's pizza oven
Rocky Mountain’s pizza oven

Thanks to Suzanne, the owner of the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. and to Suzy and Ravi, the proud franchisees of the new South Surrey Rocky Mountain Flatbread location. We all appreciated your warmth and hospitality and look forward to many future visits!

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