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The Dudes Coffee House Brunch Menu

February 18, 2020
Exterior of The Dudes Coffee Bar in Ocean Park, Surrey

Nestled away in a sleepy residential neighborhood near Crescent Beach, Dudes Coffee House was a closely guarded secret amongst the locals of Ocean Park until the Surrey Eats crew waltzed in to blow up the spot.

  • Various dishes and goods on display atDudes Coffee House kitchen
  • Hammock-like chairs hang from the ceiling inside Dudes Coffee House with a view outside through the window
  • The interior of Ethical Addiction custom apparel shop
  • The Dudes Coffee House chalkboard menu
  • A black and white artwork on the wall at Dudes Coffee House portrays three topless women in a pool of liquid with the text :Dippin' in the Sauce" overlayed

Snug and cozy, the interior instantly conjures up the feeling of coming home, and the welcoming family that runs it adds to the vibes. And would you look at that quaint little kitchen! Ethical Addiction Custom Apparel is attached so you can sip a coffee while you browse or grab a comfy swinging seat by the window and lazily watch the day go by.

Bags of Dudes Wake the Fuck Up and Calm the Fuck Down coffee

Perhaps over a mug of Calm the Fuck Down? Yup, this might look like your Grandma’s house but it sure as shit ain’t her coffee! The Dudes sources their beans ethically from Thailand via an outfit in Calgary, supporting a local Thai village community in the process. Ask to see their beautiful hardcover photo book to see the fruits of their labours in stunningly vibrant images.

A mug of coffee emblazoned with The Dudes Ocean Park Coffee-Teas-T-shirts
The Dudes Coffee

So what is the result of this caffeinated concoction? A dark coffee flavour but with a high caffeine content, and a low acidity which is great for people like me who love the taste of coffee but abstain from drinking it daily due to heartburn. I had a full cup of WTF Up with no ill effects and it kept me buzzing pleasantly throughout the day.

2 Mimosas with strawberries on the rim, in wine glasses emblazoned with The Dudes logo

These $5 Mimosas but they were apparently quite refreshing and seemed to soothe the hangovers of those who chose to imbibe.

A close-up of The Dudes classic Eggs Benny
Eggs Benny

I’ve personally never gotten the fuss about eggs Benedict. Something about the colour and texture of Hollandaise sauce has always been off-putting. So I wasn’t expecting much when the crew ordered three plates of Eggs Benny ($9.75 + $1 for hashbrown) to share. But man oh man, is this homemade (remember this word, you’ll be encountering it a lot at The Dudes Coffee House!) Hollandaise ever something else! Honestly the first time I’ve ever truly savoured eggs Benny, something in The Dudes secret homemade sauce had me scraping the plate, even after I’d gorged myself on the other dishes.

The hashbrowns on the other hand were of the typical thin frozen McCain patty variety. Much too salty. I’d give these a pass, but if you want to try at only a buck a pop at least it won’t break the bank if you dislike it.

Prime Rib Eggs Benny with a wedge of lemon on the side
Prime Rib Eggs Benny

The Dudes loves to do specials with whatever they have on hand, so expect the unexpected on their ever-changing menus. They’ll often source from a network of local fishermen and butchers, and this particular weekend they’d scored a deal on some prime rib and had whipped up a benny out of that.

The result was pure perfection. Slow cooked and topped with arugula and caramelized fennel before being crowned with the eggs and smothered in Hollandaise, smattered with green onions, dusted with paprika, and garnished with a wedge of lemon. For someone who likes a lot of protein in the mornings, this bitch-slapped any steak and eggs dish that’s crossed my plate. If they could find a way to slip this into their regular menu I’d be a happy camper.

A Smoked Salmon bagel topped with purple onion, capers, dill, fennel and a wedge of lemon
Smoked Salmon Bagel

The Smoked Salmon Bagel ($12) was another hit. There’s not much room for error or innovation in this old Canadian classic, but the addition of caramelized fennel put this one over the top.

Three pancakes topped with sliced strawberries and whipped cream with a side of bacon

Who’s got room for Pancakes ($7 + $4 to add strawberries) after all this? Well someone did but it wasn’t me. So no comment on these except to tell you that they’re topped with homemade Mexican vanilla whip cream and I was impressed that The Dudes offers several low glycemic topping options like maple syrup sweetened with only monkfruit, another variety sweetened with white grape juice, along with organic maple syrup that comes in a spray-bottle. Cool beans!

And speaking of cool beans, that’s exactly what you’ll get at The Dudes Coffee House. Surrey Eats whole-heartedly recommends this family-run, community involved hidden gem. Support local and let The Dudes show you some down-home Southern Surrey hospitality.

Author: Matt

Prior to joining the Surrey Eats crew, Matt's love of all things edible and passion for writing led him to long-running food blog Eat 'n About where he penned articles under the nom de plume Hitman Howdy for several years. Matt's also been published in various local magazines, and is an extremely adventurous eater who has dined on things that would make Anthony Bourdain blush. Matt enjoys the melting pot of international cuisine on offer in Surrey and hopes to help put his beloved stomping grounds on the map as a smorgasbord for food-lovers of all ethnicities. SURREY WHAT!!

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    June 18, 2021

    After placing an scone and bagel order I regretted it right away. Waiting for the order to be prepared offered opportunity to browse the line of merchandise offered. What a shocking turn off. The f-word on socks, cups, plates and coffee bags, and negative, disrespectful messages of the ‘I hear you but I don’t give a _________’ wherever I turned my eye. Will never visit again.

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      June 19, 2021

      Hi Sereh! While the food there is undeniably tasty, The Dude’s Coffee House vibe is definitely not to everyone’s tastes. We hope you’ll come to Surrey Eats first to research your next dining experience so you know what you’re getting into ahead of time!


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