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Vegan Pizza in Surrey at Natalino’s Pizza

October 7, 2021
A business card reading "Natalino's Pizza Crescent Beach, BC" leans against a cutting board with a vegan pizza on it

With Thanksgiving fast approaching Natalino’s Pizza invited us for a harvest vegetable feast. They have just launched a new vegan menu with vegan pizza, vegan panzerotti, and general veganery that will appeal to even the most hardened carnivore. And for those who have been looking for vegan pizza options in Surrey, your salad days await…

  • Natalino serves a vegan Panzerotti through their take-out window
  • Vegan Panzerotti on a cutting board drizzled with balsamic
  • Close-up of a vegan Panzerotti

Green with judgement, Craig, Winnie and I set upon Natalino’s Vegan Panzerotti ($20) with a critic’s eye since all of us are meat-eating heathens. I’m personally not above a vegetarian meal once or twice a week—and even went pescatarian for five months in solidarity with an ex—but my mantra has been to never go full vegan.

Despite the internal misgivings my stomach started rumbling at the sight of the panzerotti. While it’s true that there was enough arugula to give a rabbit a run for its money, the massive bun beckoned to us in the sunlight and the drizzles of balsamic hinted at a refined dining experience within.

The panzerotti was on point. The arugula was summery and fresh, with the odd cherry tomato adding welcome bursts of juicy flavour. The plant-based vegan burrata is basically tofu mixed with a little salt and pepper which added cool and creamy to the textures. Natalino’s homemade bread held it all down with salt-topped oil-brushed dough—bubbly, light, and fluffy inside, crispy crusty outside. But still heavy enough to fill you up given the lighter-than-usual contents of the sandwich. The balsamic added an Italian flare and kept my interest throughout. A real winner.

Queen Margherita vegan pizza in Surrey
Vegan Queen Margherita Pizza

On to the Surrey vegan pizza. Vegan Queen Margherita Pizza ($21) introduced us to their vegan version of mozzarella. Thankfully it isn’t Daiya! The “nozza” Natalino’s uses melts better than Daiya but you still shouldn’t count on any cheese-pulls for the ‘gram. It has a bit sharper taste than your average mozza and a creamier texture. We did try some of it shredded plain and would have been hard-pressed to tell the difference from the real thing aside from a slight aftertaste.

You will also get to sample the aforementioned burrata on this vegan pizza, along with massive leaves of basil, halved cherry tomatoes, a tangy tomato sauce, and more olive oil than you can soak a napkin with. Thankfully Natalino’s uses high-quality ingredients so you won’t have to use that trick here, just look at that delicious pool of EVOO in the corner!

The simple toppings on the Vegan Queen Margherita allow some space for the crust to shine, and if you read our previous Natalino’s review you’ll know that their crust is some of the best in Surrey.

Vegan pizza "Explosion of Veggies" in Surrey, BC
Vegan Explosion of Veggies Pizza

Last but certainly not least we have the Vegan Explosion of Veggies Pizza ($21). This was my pick of the pizzas, with a cornucopia of vegetables spread across every square inch of its Roman-style crust. Apparently, Natalino’s customers also agree, with this remaining their best-selling pizza since opening day. So now Surrey-ites with vegan diets can see what all the fuss is about.

I counted spinach, zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, red onions on top of their creamy vegan mozzarella cheese and traditional San Marzano tomato sauce. Thirteen inches long, eight inches wide, this is a full meal and not just a side. And if even non-vegans are buying this up in droves you can bet your butt it’s a tummy pleaser.

If you’re vegan and would like us to review some more local spots for vegan fare in Surrey drop us a line in the comments, we’d love to expand our horizons further. Thanks for reading and bon appetit!

Author: Matt

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