Sal y Limon Review - Surrey Eats
Sal y Limon Review - Surrey Eats
Sal y Limon Review - Surrey Eats
Sal y Limon Review - Surrey Eats
Sal y Limon Review - Surrey Eats
Sal y Limon Review - Surrey Eats
Sal y Limon Review - Surrey Eats
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Cinco de Mayo at Sal y Limon in South Surrey, BC

May 7, 2019

I always have a really hard time answering the question “what is your favourite food?”. Is saying “all the food” the wrong answer? I truly do love so many foods and cuisines that it’s hard to pick just one. But if I absolutely had to – like a million dollar question – I’m going with Mexican.

I do feel like authentic, warm, salty tortilla chips with fresh, spicy pico de gallo might actually be my love language. Anyone who comes for a potluck at our place knows that Mexican is a safe choice to offer. My kids regularly ask to make nachos on the weekend. And when special days like Cinco de Mayo roll up on the calendar, you better believe that I’m dreaming of some fresh, delicious, local and truly authentic tacos. So we packed up our crew on a Friday night and headed out to where I knew we could find these handheld delights.

Sal y Limon hot sauce selection

The vibe at Sal y Limon in Grandview Corners in South Surrey is something special. From the helpful and friendly staff at the front counter to the bright and bold Dia de Muertos and luchador inspired artwork, the hot sauce bar to the fresh margaritas, there are many beautiful and vibrant things to appreciate once you walk in.

Bright luchador inspired artwork

The hubs was also in the mood for tacos, so we loaded our table to share. I personally am a carnitas type of girl, but the tasty shredded pork is only available on Sundays. Instead, we shared a variety of grilled and spicy chicken, grilled steak, spicy pork, pork with pineapple and shrimp as fillings on the freshly made corn tortillas. We added a side of rice and beans for the little guy, but he was way more into the chips and salsa – that’s my boy!

Platter of tacos with various meats
Happy child eating Mexican food

My daughter’s favourite was the shrimp which has a spicy mayo on top. She finished off some of the pollo asado tacos and then declared that the rest of the shrimp was her’s – the girl knows what she likes.

Eaten taco shell on plate with fresh salsa leftovers

The hubs liked the grilled chicken over the spicy, and we both agreed that the grilled steak, the carne asada, was our favourite. The thin strips of marinated and grilled beef paired with the bite from the onions and fresh cilantro, topped with the spiciest Diabla hot sauce – mmm, I’m drooling just writing about it.

It was Friday night, so I paired my tacos with a house-made lime margarita and I was not disappointed with my choice. Sour, cold and heavy on the tequila, I was one happy Mama by the time I finished my share of the taco feast.

Drinks including lime margarita, chips, salsa and hot sauces

But while the kids played in the wide open kid’s area, and I ran into some taco-loving friends, hubs decided that he was not quite full enough for the evening*. He ordered up a Super Sal y Limon burrito and got his fill. Beef, chicken, Mexican sausage and cheese, the super burrito truly was a sight to behold. The same seasoned rice and beans played well with the meat and melty cheese filling, and after sharing a few bites with me, he was satisfied with his choices for the night.

Super Sal y Limo burrito

As a Mexican food loving fan, Sal y Limon does it’s heritage proud. The variety on the menu is impressive and we need at least a few more trips in before we’ll have tried everything they offer. I’ve got my eye, and my taste buds, on the spicy pork huaraches – a thick, deep-fried, home-made corn tortilla, with beans, cabbage, red onion, jalapeƱo, chunky salsa, sour cream, and fresh cheese on top – and I’ve heard amazing things about the tortilla soup.

We will definitely be back for more family taco nights and will always take the time to ring the bell on our way out.

Surf board and bell at entrance to Sal y Limon

*For those of your worried that the tacos with beans and rice might not be enough to fill you up, my husband has a large appetite. We bring him to family functions to take care of seconds, and thirds… and clean up duty so there’s no leftovers. You should have a happy and full tummy after a few tacos.

Erin Miller Schumann
Author: Erin Miller Schumann

Erin is proudly Surrey born and raised. She is the owner of The Yellow Umbrella Co. Virtual Assistant Services and loves working alongside fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Fraser Valley. She believes that a good meal is a perfect excuse to try something new - whether its a locally made wine or beer, a topic of conversation, or an entirely new culinary experience. Food, coffee, and wine keep her motivated while reading, writing and her love of music keep her grounded enough to give all her extra focus to her husband, two daughters, and son. Erin is always open to meeting new friends over said coffee or a glass of wine and will never say no to a T-Rex joke.



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