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Brewster’s Pub & Liquor Store – Newton

July 5, 2020
Brewster's Pub & Liquor Store Newton Exterior

As we cautiously emerge from our coronavirus cocoons sporting quarantine cuts, covid beards, and the thousand-yard stares of men who have peered into the heart of darkness of the Tiger King and carry with us the trauma of rationing single squares of toilet paper, Brewster’s Pub is there to welcome us with an open-armed air-hug in the relative safety of an outdoor patio.

Brewster's Pub covid safety measures
Safety first!

Craig and I have been playing it super safe, so we made a point of checking safety features before settling on a spot to put on our body condoms and reunite the Boy’s Brunch Club (BBC). Sad to say it took us three tries in the Newton area before finding a restaurant that had ANY visible safety features in place! Two other spots had no signage, no sanitizer, and no masks on their staff. Contrast this with downtown Vancouver where the restaurant community has adapted to the new normal, and Surrey sorely needs to get with the pandemic program.

Brewster's Pub waitress
Who says masks hide our smiles?

Brewster’s Pub has all of the above, as well as sanitizing stations for their salt and pepper etc. However the one thing missing from our downtown counterparts was the taking of names and numbers for contact tracing. So I made sure to slip the waitress mine just in case. 😁

Craig from Surrey Eats holds a menu from Brewster's Pub
Badass Biker-Craig

The patio was properly socially distanced, although looking back it may have been that people moved their tables away from us in fear of Craig’s newfound badass biker look…

Brewster's Pub Breakfast special with bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns
Breakfast Special

Speaking of badass, who the hell orders a pint of Blue Buck Beer with their bacon and eggs? Badass Biker-Craig, that’s who. And if anyone has a problem with it there’s gonna be some table flipping going down!

At $6 with purchase of a beverage, you’re looking at your average greasy spoon Breakfast Special with the bacon cooked just like yo mama makes it. For ten bucks you can get their Big Breakfast for a Hungry Man, which I plan to go back and check out on a weekend (both are only available Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM to 2 PM).

Beef dip sandwich with side salad at Brewster's Pub
Beef Dip

I was in lunch mode having had a big breaky of my own earlier that morn, so after hearing Craig rave about Brewster Pub’s “Wet Wednesdays” (I have no idea what this means but someone needs to get their mind out of the gutter) where they offer a full roast beef dinner for $9 with purchase of a beverage, I sprung for the Beef Dip ($13.50).

  • Matt from Surrey Eats holding a Beef sandwich at Brewster's Pub
  • Matt from Surrey Eats eating a roast beef sandwich at Brewster's Pub

Nothing much to see here, just your basic roast beef on a toasted hoagie with a standard side salad. A hint of garlic, and the au jus was salty but not overly so. Plenty ’nuff to soak your sandwich and satisfy your stomach. If it isn’t, throw some swiss cheese, sauteed shroomies, and onions for an added toonie.

All in all Brewster’s Pub is your average sports bar, but with the patio seating, all the specials, and the meticulous attention to safety (see Brewster’s Pub’s covid safety page for more details), we’d say they’re worth a visit.

Author: Matt

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