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Maruhachi Ramen: Surrey’s Premier Noodle Haven in Fleetwood, BC

April 5, 2024

In the heart of Surrey’s Fleetwood area lies Maruhachi Ramen, a beacon for noodle enthusiasts seeking a memorable dining experience. As I stepped through the doors of Maruhachi Ramen, I was greeted by the enticing aroma of simmering broth and the lively hum of conversation, setting the stage for what promised to be a remarkable culinary journey.

Maruhachi Ramen entrance and signage

Arriving at 7 pm, I was promptly greeted and seated amidst the bustling energy of the restaurant. To my surprise, Maruhachi Ramen operates on a card-only basis, streamlining transactions and ensuring a hassle-free dining experience for patrons.

Maruhachi Ramen interior sleek design

Stepping into the sleek interior of Maruhachi Ramen, I was immediately struck by its clean aesthetics and inviting atmosphere. Two booths at the front of the restaurant offered a cozy setting, while tables for the remainder of the restaurant were spaced just right – close enough to feel the buzz but not too close to cause discomfort.

Yet, be forewarned, this is no place for quiet contemplation; the hustle and bustle add to the restaurant’s energetic vibe, with servers hollering orders for those tantalizing dishes that take a bit longer to whip up.

Maruhachi draft beer sign

Speaking of tantalizing, let’s talk happy hour. During happy hour, from 2 to 5 pm, Monday to Friday, Maruhachi Ramen transforms into a haven for beer aficionados, offering an array of refreshing brews from Park Side Brewery and Four Winds. Pair these with tempting appetizers like smoked edamame, crispy pan-fried gyoza, or the mouthwatering jerk fried chicken for the ultimate culinary experience.

But let’s shift our focus to the star of the show – the ramen. Maruhachi’s claim to fame lies in its exquisite tori paitan broth, a creamy chicken base that forms the soul of every bowl. The noodles? Perfection – thin, wavy, and cooked just right. Take it from Kimiko; it’s in her top ramen experiences, and she’s a connoisseur.

As for the eats, the chicken karaage is a crispy, juicy delight, served with a slice of lemon and Japanese mayo for that extra oomph. Kimiko’s BLK TANTAN MEN, a symphony of black sesame-infused pork and fragrant chives atop thin noodles, is a flavor explosion waiting to happen. Pro tip: Add a soy sauce egg for that extra umami kick.

My pick? The AKA ramen – a rich concoction of ground nuts, chili, and creamy chicken broth, crowned with pork shoulder chashu and a medley of fresh toppings. And fear not, veggie lovers; there’s a creamy veggie curry option that’s equally divine.

AKA Ramen bowl

In conclusion, Maruhachi Ramen isn’t just a place to satisfy your hunger; it’s an immersive culinary adventure that leaves a lasting impression. I’m already counting down the days until I can return for another round of noodle nirvana!

Maruhachi Ramen interior
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