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Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Surrey

May 9, 2019
Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Surrey exterior

Remember when you first discovered the joy of dipping your Oreo cookies in milk? How about when your mom put those little marshmallows in your hot chocolate? Or if you’re a weirdo like me, the first time you got really baked and put pickles in your peanut butter sandwich, discovering the gates of heaven actually consist of two slices of Wonderbread?

Well prepare to experience one of these epiphanies as a grown-ass adult because Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Surrey wants to blow your mind and freeze your brain with a godlike blend of frozen yogurt and bubble tea! Well, to be honest I’m not sure they actually want to do much of anything at all, but read on to find out why.

Tutti Frutti Surrey location interior

So first of all, this was my third attempt to visit Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Surrey. The first time I showed up I was a bit too early and they weren’t open yet (Tutti Frutti’s hours are noon til nine thirty every day of the week), and the second time there was a sign on the window saying they were closed for the weekend with no explanation.

I do my banking in the complex they’re located in so I’ve glanced over fairly often and I’ve never seen a single patron. In fact when I mentioned I was writing this article to a coworker, without any prompting he told me he’s scared to go in because it’s always empty! Why doesn’t Tutti Frutti have line-ups around the block? I mean c’mon, froyo and BBT?? Not only is it totally yummalicious sounding it’s combining two hot trends and they’ve set up a cute and Instagrammable space to serve it out of. Where’s the social media buzz? How about contests, coupons, challenges…ANYTHING to drum up some business.

Instead of the imagined throngs of boba-heads snapping pics for the ‘gram they had a lone employee on duty who greeted us with a grunt and gave only the barest minimum of response needed to answer our questions, reluctantly acknowledging our presence with a sullen glare as we ordered and paid. Not exactly my idea of a fun time, which is what I’m after when I go to a place like this.

Tutti Frutti serving instructions poster

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is actually a franchise with multiple locations in Alberta and Manitoba, with the Tutti Frutti Surrey location being their sole foray into BC thus far. Their froyo is self-serve Menchie’s style with plenty of flavours and toppings to choose from and you pay by the weight. But we were here on a mission for one thing only…froyo BBT or as they call it, a Yo Slush!

Tutti Frutti Surrey location menu
Tutti Frutti menu – froyo BBT

They had plenty of Yo Slush flavours to choose from, but there was a second handwritten menu with a bunch of flavours that they apparently no longer carry which unfortunately were the most awesome sounding ones. What kind of tease is that? Salted caramel in particular really made my mouth water and my blood boil.

Pomegranate frozen yogurt bubble tea alongside taro frozen yogurt bubble tea
Frozen yogurt bubble tea

In the end I had the taro (on the right) and my date went for the pomegranate. Thick, creamy, artificial-tasting in the best possible way, and oh-so-sweet. I’d definitely go half-sweet on these if there’s a round two. Size was decent for the c. $5 pricepoint and it was just enough to feel like we got our fill of the flavours without getting tired of them. Consistency was definitely on the milkshake tip with a dash of Slurpee thrown in. The pearls were made of something called “Sago”, a plant starch that’s gluten free and softer than the tapioca. Different, and interesting, but not sure if I like it over any of the traditional options.

Overall the bubble tea/froyo combo was pretty revolutionary and I think they’re really onto something here, hopefully they can adopt some better business practices and make it a craze. Check em out for yourself, it’s a great treat idea for a warm weather walk in nearby Holland Park.

Author: Matt

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