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PSI Sushi & Roll In Surrey, BC

April 29, 2019
Exterior shot of PSI Sushi & Roll restaurant with the Central City tower in the background

While PSI Sushi & Roll, or Sushi & Roll PSI as their signage indicates, may be awkwardly-monikered (are their sushi rolls filled to maximum PSI and about to explode all over your fresh white Tee? Are they big Psy fans and want to kick it Gangnam-style but still struggling in their ESL classes? Does their varied menu make them Proud Sushi Innovators? And how about that oddly-placed ampersand??), they have quickly become my go-to sushi joint due to their generous portions and convenient location behind Surrey Central station on King George Blvd.

Yes, they are Korean-staffed, but I have yet to find authentic Japanese sushi in Surrey and let’s face it, Korean sushi can be just as oishi when done right. The food is always fresh at PSI and they get creative in the roll department with crazy concoctions such as Burning Cheese, Double Dragon (if you love 80s videogames and avocado this is your jam, yummy avocado inside AND out!), Crazy Rabbit, PSI Love You (awww!!), and Flying Unicorn.

Ebi Mayo prawns with mayonnaise sauce
Ebi Mayo
Ebi Mayo prawns with mayonnaise sauce and crispy yam topping
Ebi Mayo

Today we started with the Ebi Mayo ($4.95), six prawns smothered in a spicy creamy mayo, sprinkled with fresh green onions and topped off with crispy yam chips, an innovative addition that made this dish memorable. Will definitely be ordering some more of these babies.

We were having a bit of a chill day so stuck with the complimentary genmaicha tea, but PSI Sushi & Roll is a fully licensed establishment with a small selection of Japanese beer, sake, and even a soju option on the menu for those who want to turn up with their tempura.

Tuna and salmon donburi bowl with brown rice
Tuna & Salmon Don

I opted for one of my usuals, Tuna & Salmon Don ($13.50) with brown rice (+$2 substitution). One of the reasons I consistently choose PSI Sushi & Roll is that they offer a healthy brown rice substitution in their menu items (an additional $1 for sushi rolls). Or if you aren’t feeling the whole health kick and want to flip your arteries the bird you can deep-fry any roll for an extra buck!

The rice was a good consistency and sprinkled lightly with sesame seeds. The portions of fish were massive considering the price point, but alas I had one of my recurring problems here with their tuna…it was partially frozen in the middle. The salmon was perfect temperature though.

Sashimi and sushi combo platter with miso soup
Sashimi & Sushi Combo

My dining partner ordered the Sashimi & Sushi Combo ($9.95), but she broke the all-important Phones Eat First rule of dining etiquette and ate not one but TWO pieces of sashimi before realizing her faux pas. Have you no table manners woman?! Anyway I got my snap before she could further sully her plate, thank heavens.

The Combo comes with 2 pieces each salmon and tuna sashimi on a bed of shredded daikon, one piece each chopped scallop and masago gunkan maki, and one piece each tuna, ebi, and salmon nigiri. Oh, and a bowl of piping hot miso of course! Not bad for under ten bucks, and by the end of it my date was so full I had to eat her last nigiri. Okay okay, maybe I snatched it off her plate with a bit of chopstick Kendo but hey, that prawn wasn’t going to eat itself!

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